June is the sixth month that I have been blogging in 2010. I signed up with NaBloPoMo back in November 2009. I tried to blog everyday that month but got way laid with a hospital stay. Thus far, I have managed everyday for 2010 except for the day when there was a blog error and it did not get posted until the next day. I know that I wrote it and so I am good with that! As is normal, NaBloPoMo has a monthly theme. The theme for June is NOW. I may actually be able to use that one!

Now, as in right now, I am in a hotel room with Deb in Salmon Arm. We are worried sick about Kirby as he has an infection that is producing toxins that have driven up his kidney numbers. He is currently at the vet’s getting IV fluids to flush out the toxins and a broad-spectrum anti-biotic where he will stay for a couple of days. Thankfully Angelina was there to take him in and get settled. Angelina’s sister works there and he loves her!! He loves Angelina too. There are some good signs: he was drinking and eating today and not vomiting. We will know more in the morning.

Now, right now I am sure, my mother is fuming because I told her Deb may decide to go back because of Kirby. My mother is not in the least bit worried about Kirby. She does not really want me to come (except that Deb is attached to me) because I cannot and, more importantly, will not do yard work. My mother has ‘uses’ for people and yard work is not one of my uses. I am good for computer problems and other life-related trouble-shooting. I can make some stuff for her freezer but not the stuff she really likes that Deb makes. I half expect an email in the next little bit telling me not to bother coming if Deb goes back. This hurts my feelings but I am not quite sure what to do about it.

But, for now, we are safely in a hotel room with Sawyer and Piper and I think we are going to sleep early. Catch you all tomorrow.


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