Well just when you thought it could not get worse, look out Virginia cause it can. My sister is psychotic. Actually, I think she gives psychotics a bad name. Yesterday was bad. She was slamming around the house ostensibly upset because apparently I time our visits to coincide with my birthday so I ‘always’ get the birthday party. She felt that our dogs were in the house all the time and hers were outside. We won’t bother to belabour the fact that hers are unsocialized 150 pound Bull Mastiffs who cannot be around other dogs because they will attack. Apparently she failed to notice that her dogs had run of the house for several hours because ours were outside and down in the bedroom with Deb. Apparently the poor little mastiffs get cold and the Piper and Sawyer don’t? The thing is that she is incapable of raising issues like an adult.
Today things escalated into an all out physical confrontation. She threw things at me, purposely got in my way and tried to puff herself up to look bigger. I was able to get by her but only barely. She is seriously an unbalanced woman. She was yelling, screaming and swearing at me the whole time. I told her she needed to see a psychiatrist. She put her fingers in her ears and said “la, la, la….”

Apparently my mother took my side and my sister was mad about it. When she got back home she phone my mother and yelled her at more. Who yells and screams at their 73-year-old mother?

Needless to say this has all been very triggering for me. This was my childhood growing up with her and my older brother. I may blog more about this at some point. Not today though…
Now, right now, I have a loving partner and 2 great dogs and we are in a hotel room after 4 nights in twin beds. We gots lots of cuddling to do!


3 thoughts on “Blown away

  1. I feel for you, having your childhood traumas reenacted as an adult must be really, really shitty. I can’t imagine dealing with the same crap I did as a kid.

    You deserve so much better..

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