Sawyer is now an official member of the Thomas family it is time that he had his own edition of Dispatches from the Swamp*. There is lots to say about the little Sawyer man. Most of all Sawyer is one of the most awesome puppies I have ever had the pleasure to love. I think it is high time to bring to light all of Sawyer’s great qualities.


1. Even though he is still a puppy, he has these moments when you connect with his eyes and it is apparent that he is wise beyond his years. This is a very rare thing in a young dog. Those of you who have had dogs will know what I am talking about. Puppies, by virtue of their age, are not usually able to attain this level of interaction. I think Sawyer is an old soul.

2. As cute and mature as Sawyer seems at time he is still very much a puppy. He does every stereotypical thing a puppy does right down to pulling the toilet paper off the roll in the hotel. If there is a bone he will find it. The other night he kept finding Angelina’s socks and bringing them out.

3. He is extremely well-socialized. He reads cues from other dogs, including dogs he does not know extremely well. When he was around my sister’s mastiffs who are so unsocialized they could not even be in the same room, he still submitted to them when he saw them through the glass. Quite amazing for a baby.

All snuggled in

4. Sawyer is a heat-seaking missile. He loves my heating pad. As soon as I get up from my chair he snuggles into my heating pad. During our trip he started sleeping with us. He was so good we have continued bringing him to bed. At 8 months old it is very impressive that he is able to stay in bed for 12 hours and not have an accident. He spoons very well. He is an awesome dog to bring to bed!

Sawyer and his bone
Goofy expression

5. Sawyer loves to play! He plays with his toys, with other dogs and with his humans. He loves to chew shoes while your feet are in them. His favourite playmate is Zoe. The two will play for hours! You can see the video of them plying here. He plays well with everyone here and with new dogs. This skill will serve him well for his entire life.

Sawyer and Piper
His usual frog position

6. Sawyer is a goof. He sits like a frog a lot of the time. He can fall asleep in any position, upside down, sideways, hanging, it really doesn’t matter he just goes to sleep. In bed he sleeps anywhere and in any position.

Sawyer's soulful eyes

Sawyer came into our lives by accident. The last thing we needed was a puppy with a bunch of senior dogs. It seems though, in hindsight, that his arrival was one of the best things that has happened in a long time. He is sweet, cuddly, affectionate, smart and he has a wonderful sense of humour.

Welcome to the family little man. We couldn’t be happier!

What a looker!

*Plus I am fulfilling a request.


6 thoughts on “Dispatches from the Swamp – the Sawyer Edition

  1. Sawyer is a gift from God. He joined us during a very, very difficult period, and helped to soothe huge hurts; the result of major loss. Very big paws for such a wee boy to fill. He did it with aplomb, though.
    Sawyer has been a joy from day one. He is still being asked to be a lot of things to a lot of people and dogs….cuddle-bunny, clown, heat-seeking missile, entertainer, play date. He’s a pro. Sawyer is not Kirby, nor is he MacKenzie, Gemma or Tucker, he is his own dog, and an amazing dog he is.

    1. He is a great, great dog. He is so good it is hard to remember he is a puppy until he does a stereotypical puppy thing. Let us know when you are coming over to the mainland.

    1. He is 1/4 Boston Terrier and 3/4s French Bulldog. He truly is a great puppy. He is going to be an even more amazing dog. We were so very lucky he came into our lives.

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