I haz an owie

Sawyer was showing some discomfort around his head last night and this morning. At first glance it seemed to be his ears. However we had learned from Zoe that what appears to be ears may well be something else. Sawyer had some swelling in lower right jowl area. When the area was shaved you could completely see the swelling. After shaving the area the vet tried to aspirate the area with a needle. He was such a super trooper! Sawyer didn’t even flinch when she tried. She was unable to get anything but said it could just be that it has not had enough time to collect enough fluid.

Right now he is on metacam for pain and inflammation and clavamox to stave off an infection. He also needs hot compresses twice a day. If it gets really big we need to go back otherwise he goes back in 5 days. If necessary they can insert a drain.

He likely got the injury from playing. Given how he and Zoe play it would not surprise me. He is feeling better already and I expect he will be on the mend soon.

I waz brave boy at the vet's

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