To say that I hate summer would be an understatement. I have always hated summer. I believe the reason is due to auto-immune disease. For some reason, people with auto-immune disease have trouble with over-heating. This has been true for me since I was a child. I have been through a string of auto-immune diseases in my life, culminating with ulcerative colitis now.

I have my coping strategies. I try to wear a hat to stay out of the direct heat. We have an air conditioner in our bedroom so that we can sleep at night. We also have a ceiling fan and another fan to keep the room cool. We also have a portable air conditioner in the living room which stay much cooler as it faces north.

I just need to get through it now that it is here. Even the pug is melting.


One thought on “Hell has arrived

  1. I’m with you the heat make me want to cry My place is much smaller then you guys and will have 3 fans and my a/c in the bedroom..I found hats to make me hot, so now when I can go out and not look too dorky I use a parasol they are hard to find, looking at the umbrella store on line the seemed to range fro $40.00 to 80.00 so I got a couple cheap tacky ones from the dollar store. They may look stupid but when I am out I love it, I can aim it in the direction of the sun and it shades me and my head doesn’t get hot

    We will get through this heat !!!!!!!

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