We have been feeding raw meat and bones to our dogs for many years. Over that time I have seen many disgusting things over that time. In the beginning we fed ground raw that was great to begin with but then it started to smell like something died in it. We flirted with making our own raw for a while. We had a big tub to mix veggie matter and ground beef with bone dust. We did this a couple of times however it was a lot of work and extremely time-consuming.

After flirting with making our own we decided that we would feed raw meaty bones instead. Even our toothless dog Molly eats raw. Today I was in the living room, talking on the phone while Molly as eating. First of all, Molly stole a chicken frame from Madison. She proceeded to detach the skin the length of the frame (remember no teeth!). Once she had it detached she started trying to eat it. She would try to swallow it and then it would come back up. Very, very gross!

She eventually got it down. Even though she has no teeth you can’t dissaude her from eating raw. Click here to read another post about Molly eating raw, complete with pictures! For more general information on eating raw check out this post.


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