Signal lights are one of the best ways to communicate while driving. Everyone is taught that signaling prior to a lane change or turning is not only mandatory but necessary so that others know what you want to do. Anyone driving in the lower mainland will realize that many drivers believe signaling to be optional.

Then there is another kind of driver – the ones who forget to turn them off. Today for instance I was stuck behind some jerk on the highway with his/her left signal light on. We were in the right-hand lane so people in the middle lane were unsure what this vehicle was going to do. I was fairly sure he was going to do absolutely nothing because I had been behind him/her for a long time. The other cars would pull up, wait and see if the car was going to move and then go by quickly. It was a very annoying commute to say the least.


3 thoughts on “Driving Pet Peeve – the signal light edition

  1. I thought of you and your rants about bad drivers when I was driving to hockey this evening. This guy was driving super fast (I know because I drive fast and he flew by me!), went into the HOV lane to pass me (even though he had *no* passengers in his car.. and it wasn’t past 7 p.m., so HOV was in effect), then changed TWO lanes into the far right lane without signaling to pass more cars. Where’s a cop when you need one?

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