My mother is home. I am so tired. I slept until 1:30 pm today. Deb drove her to the airport. The drive turned out to be horrible as the Golden Ears bridge was closed due to a police incident. This made the normally 60-minute round trip into a 3 hour slog.

I cannot believe how tired I am. After working all week and then having my mother here has completely drained me. On a normal weekend I would sleep until at least noon on all three days and maybe longer. I would also have at least 1 day where I would not leave the house, relax and watching tv. I got none of this while my mother was here. I am sure it is going to be a very long week.

The other things that are exhausting when my mother is here are her political views. She is a misogynist. We were discussing the latest sexual allegations against Al Gore. She said that it was probably the woman’s fault. She then explained that ‘all those women’ hang around these men. I asked how that mattered. She believes that because ‘these women’ hang around men like Al Gore and Tiger Woods that they want to have sex.

I challenged her belief by pointing out that just because the women are in their presence  does not mean they give consent for sexual activity and if the women do not give consent then it is rape anyway you look at it. She really did not have an answer for this. She believes that women who hang around famous men want to be raped. This does not surprise me. My grandmother was also a misogynist. She believe that women were incapable of fixing things or making decisions. When my mother divorced my adoptive father, my grandmother took his side. I remember how much this upset my mother.

Then there was the whole discussion on the 2-page spread in the Province about gay-bashing. As far as my mother is concerned, gay men should just take self-defense courses and protect themselves! She then relayed a story about my step-sister, who is very small, and who felt afraid in a parking garage. Apparently she took a course so that she would not be afraid anymore. I challenged her on this, pointing out that it is wrong that men get gay-bashed and women feel the need to take self-defense courses. She further did not understand why the gay-bashings would be hate crimes. Needless to say it was a very frustrating day!


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