• I am a little late this year to start wearing my Birkenstocks. I needed to get them repaired and I was not sure if I was going to bother if I could find another pair of suitable sandals. I have some lovely Naots but I don’t really want to wear them out. After looking around for something suitable and not finding anything I decided to just get mine repaired. I know from other years that I have to break in my feet. I do this year after year and eventually they are comfortable. I am not sure why I go through this ritual every year. It must be the cachet of wearing Birks. After wearing them for 4 days over the last 2 weeks seems to have done the job.
  • I am feeling like crap this last couple of days. My white blood cell count is low. My GI doc has pulled me off the imuran for a week and then my dose is going to be lowered. I really feel crappy. I have had a number of the symptoms including a sore throat, fever, gastrointestinal upset, nausea, and vomiting. Plus I am tired, really, really tired. I am at risk of picking up a virus more easily. I am hoping that I escape the dreaded thrush.
  • Madison is really starting to show her age. She is getting more and more confused. It is really bad at night. We are all keeping her close and making sure that she does not get left alone and find herself in a place alone. She is very insecure at times. She seems happy when she is with us. Her appetite is ok and she still has quality of life. Madison is a very old dog. We have decided that as soon as she does not have quality of life we will have her euthanized. I hope that day does not come for a long time to come as long as Maddie is happy.
  • Zoe is continuing to change colour and do well. She is an active, healthy and very happy dog. She plays continuously with Sawyer. We can’t keep a collar or a harness on that dog because he constantly undresses her. She doesn’t seem to mind.
  • Poor Sawyer. He lives with some crotchety old women. He is constantly getting in shit from Molly. Speaking of shit, Sawyer has a very bad habit of consuming it. We are hoping it is just puppy behaviour and it stops soon.
  • We now have air conditioners in most areas of the house. I have a little portable in my office that works very well. We have added window ones to the kitchen and dining room. We still have a portable in the living room and our bedroom. Our bedroom is a bit like a wind tunnel we have the AC, the ceiling fan and a turbo fan. It works pretty well for us.
  • We are very happy that my mother’s visit is over. It is very hard to entertain a 74-year old woman for 16 hours a day. She would say that she wanted to watch the news, so I would go in and set it up for her. Ten minutes later she would come down the hall and tell us she was lonely while we would be getting dinner ready. She would not offer to help make dinner or anything like that she would just expect to be entertained. It was monotonous to say the least. Plus there was no sleeping in as she had to be picked up at the hotel early and dropped off late. We were also doing things each day which I find difficult.
  • I gave Deb an iPad for her birthday and she is thrilled. My initial thoughts are that it is pretty awesome. I could see myself using it to play games in the living room. I will not get one though. Perhaps I will get one after the next iteration.

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