We started the day (or should I say afternoon) with pancakes and watching Chloe. It was a really good movie. It moved quite slowly but was completely worth it. I highly recommend it.

Then began the bubble gum for the brain. We have been watching season 6 of Nip/Tuck. It has always been a strange show and Season 6 has not disappointed. It has been hours of gratuitous sex, dysfunction and surgery. Seriously, I have never seen a show where people have so much sex regardless of their relationship status. If one were to sum this series up in a word it would be hedonism.

On a completely unrelated subject I have to say that I am completely and utterly tired of hearing that someone gave 110% or 150%. This is simply not possible. For those of your who do not pay attention in grade school arithmetic 100% is a whole. There cannot be more than 100% it terms of what one can give. A price can increase by more than 100% but that is about it. While we are on the subject of how things are expressed, I am tired of reading about iPod Touches. I think it is like a governor-general. To pluralize it would be governors-general, I think it should be iPods Touch. It would be just iPods. The word ‘touch’ is in direct relationship to the type of iPod. I wonder if Apple has thought of this?

I will be out in the real world tomorrow so perhaps there will be some more relevant content here tomorrow.


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