• We have had Clio for 10 years. She is blind and extremely demanding. She will get what she wants by sheer perseverance. What she wants is me. She will climb up my leg until I pick her up. When I put her down because she won’t sit still or relax. Invariably she tries to climb up my chest and I put her. Wash, rinse, repeat every day, day in day out, for 10 years. Yes – 10 long years. When she finally settles she is very nice but it happens only about 10% of the time. Another thing, she bites. If you try to groom her in any way (and she is a filthy dog) she bites. She has gone from pondering biting and sort of trying to outright biting now. My big accomplishment today was the fact that I was able to pull some scudge off of her face before she knew it and could bite me. Huzzah! I win. I am still gloating.
  • Clearly I spend far too much time in traffic. Today my rant is directed to the truckers on the Mary Hill Bypass. Why on god’s green earth do you need to drive side-by-side on the road? No one can get past you! It is seriously frustrating for the other motorists which, makes it dangerous. Move over! Cut us some slack.
  • Ok and since when did it become ok for scooters to go on highway #1? I am not talking about a motorcycle, I am talking about a full-fledged tops out at 50 km/h scooter. Seriously, I am not sure what this woman was thinking. If she gets hit she is pretty much dead.
  • I am very excited about the new Magic Trackpad from Apple. I am going to order one as soon as I am done blogging. It is for a desktop computer and it is a replication of the trackpad on the MacBook Pro – which I completely adore! I hated every other trackpad on laptop computers until I used the one on the MBP. It is completely intuitive and so easy to use. I will get one for work now and I may get one for home too. In other Apple news at the Swamp, Deb is loving her iPad. She has already read a couple of books on it and enjoyed it immensely. It is perfect for married couples where one wants to read in bed and the other wants to sleep – no light required!

I am noticing that I have been a little ranty these days. I will try to change that!


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