Tomorrow we find out how the Supreme Court of Canada is going to rule with regard to Robert William Pickton’s which may result in a new trial Pickton. Apparently some of the families of the victims hope there is a new trial because Pickton was only tried on 6 counts of murder rather than all 26. I hope Pickton does not get a new trial on the 6 charges he has already been convicted. It would be too much for those families who have already gone through a trial. It is time, however, for the families of the other 20 victims get justice for their daughters and sisters.


One thought on “If there is a god(dess)

  1. I heard on the radio that Pickton claims to have murdered not just 26, but 49 women and the police say they have no reason not to believe this is true and are trying to figure out who his other victims are. As well, apparently the task force is investigating the murders of three other women who are believed not to be victims of Pickton, but of “another serial killer.” My heart goes out to the friends and families of all these women.

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