I have had my iPad for a couple of days and I have to say that I really do love it. I have the 64 gb, wifi version. It is a device for consuming media, in my opinion. I have used it thus far to check email to see if there is anything urgent. Reading books on it is quite easy. I do like that you can change the font and point size.

I downloaded Plants vs Zombies for it and it is fabulous. The game play is quick and responsive and you can hold the iPad in different ways or even change hands and it is all seamless. I played for a couple of hours this afternoon and completely enjoyed it. I suspect that I will find more games like this Plants vs Zombies.

My biggest complaint is Apple’s case that you purchase separately. I have no idea what it is made of but I can’t stand how it feels. It seems like it sucks the moisture out of your hands. Since I have decided I will likely not take it out of the house for now I can take it out of that case. I will try to find a different one. I do find it a tad heavy to hold for any length of time unless I can lean it against something.

These are my initial observations. I will blog again with more thoughts on it after I have used it for a bit.

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