Nothing coherent just a few updates on various things.

  • I finished Plants vs Zombies today on the iPad today!!! Woo hoo for me. I really enjoyed it and now I have unlocked all of the other levels!
  • Clio’s lung cancer has progressed. She is (hopefully) going into the vet’s tomorrow to get some meds to ease her cough. She has coughing fits that can last up to 10 minutes at time (thankfully these are few and far between). We are trying to feed her more because she has always been a skinny dog but now it is worse because she uses so much extra energy coughing. Her appetite remains excellent.
  • I posted about what I thought the plural of “iPod Touch.” I argued in this entry that the plural should be “iPods Touch.” So Dr. Beth, over at “Not to Be Trusted with Knives” emailed the Grammar Girl to find out what the correct plural would be. Well GG thinks it is iPod Touches. I still think it looks weird and well, just, wrong but I will defer to Grammar Girl.
  • I cooked the prime rib yesterday that my mother did not want when she came. We had a friend over for dinner. It turned out fabulous. I did it on the bbq rotisserie to medium rare which is how the majority liked it. There were some pieces done more. It was a great meal with cauliflower and cheese sauce (my favourite) and green beans with garlic and ginger and baked potatoes. Very yummy!

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