Molly when she first came

We adopted Molly from SAINTS over 3 years ago. Molly is a Pomeranian who is ancient. When she came into SAINTS she was aged at 18 years old. This is likely due to the fact that her teeth were horrible. She ended up having to all of her teeth out. She came to us a week or after this procedure. We thought she would be with us for a couple of months tops. Clearly we couldn’t have been more wrong!

Molly after we shaved her one summer because she was too hot. Not all of her hair grew back!

Molly is a force to be reckoned with. Weighing in at 7 pounds, backed up by her crazy shark attack routine*, no one bugs her. Even the 135 pound Newfoundland dog is deathly afraid of her. Molly is a hyper-vigilant dog. Being so small she has to make sure that no one steps on her – canine or human. Even the cat is like 3 times her size. She spins everywhere she goes. She spins to the right this is likely due to some strokes she had long before she came here.

Molly sleeping! She has the best belly!

Molly’s health is excellent. She has a cough, all the time. She does not have cancer or heart disease. Her cough comes and goes. Sometimes she seems to cough when she thinks she is not getting enough attention. She has been to the vet for the cough several times. One time it was kennel cough – which I could hear because her cough was wet. Other times they can’t find anything wrong with her so we have just carried on. Today we were at the vet’s with Clio and the vet explained that some of her coughing may be related to her trachea collapsing from time to time. I wonder if that is what is going on with Molly as it never gets worse.

So here is the conundrum. If we age Molly, like we normally would, on New Year’s Day then she would be 22. Which sounds way too old for a little dog. I think we should hold her steady for next year and she can be 21 again and then we will reverse age her. This way people won’t get this look of disbelief on their faces when you tell them her age. Ok, well they might until we get back to the teen years!

Molly being cheeky!

Thoughts? Comments? All welcome!

*The shark attack routine consists of Molly barking and growling at the offender, Molly will then rush out with her jaws flapping and snapping. The recipient dog backs off really quickly!


4 thoughts on “The conundrum that is our Molly

    1. The stuff about age is tongue in cheek. We were told she was 18 three years ago…so that would make her 21. We just wonder how old she can actually get!

      And, yes, she is adorable! Thanks!

  1. OMG that little ball of fur just melts my heart!!! Love the photos, especially the one of her sleeping, belly exposed. And I can just imagine her keeping 135 lb Keifer in line!
    As for age, I think almost all dogs that come into rescue are subject to age miscalculations. Even those that are owner surrendered – a lot of owners simply don’t celebrate dogs’ birthdays, remember exactly when they were born etc – and some like to make them older or younger just so a particular rescue is more likely to accept them. That said, the smaller the dog the longer its lifespan, generally speaking. So maybe she really could be 21. Perhaps in stead of a numerical value, you could just say she’s “more than middle-aged” !

  2. What a cutie! Luv the b&w pic.

    Age is just a number – it’s all about the ‘tude that keeps you young… and Molly looks like she has a whole lot of ‘tude!

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