This morning, as I was driving into work, I was treated to rare musical event. I was listening to Q and there was an interview with Andy Kim. I had no idea who he was until it was mentioned that he sang “Rock me Gently.” Anyone from my generation would immediately recognize this song and be able to recite the lyrics. After the interview, as is normal on Q, the musical guest sings a song live. I continued listening, hoping that Andy would play “Rock me Gently.”

I was not disappointed. Not only did he announce he was going to play it but it was also going to be acoustic. Anyone who knows me would know that I love acoustic guitar and a slightly edgy voice. Well, Andy Kim did not disappoint. The performance of this song transformed my day. Before I knew it I was singing along with all the lyrics and my day was suddenly brighter. I immediately wanted to hear the song again and again. I know it will be in the podcast but they don’t make those songs available for download. I would gladly pay for it. Any ideas on how one can get it?


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