I have been a weekly customer at the local lab, once a week for months. I must have weekly blood tests because I am taking imuran for my ulcerative colitis. My gastro doc reluctantly agreed to put me back on it after it wiped out my immune system last year. The deal was that I had to go for blood work weekly.

I have only one good vein for getting blood from. Many techs have looked and none have found anything better than this particular vein. The problem is that you can’t see it. However it is quite easy to feel and there has never been a problem until today.

I got ‘the tech.’ You know, the one that you just know is going to have problems. She has taken blood from me before and it was ok. This time however not so much. She remembered me and commented that it was a little hard getting blood from me. Well, actually, it isn’t. If you are remotely skilled it is not that hard. I tell you where the vein is and you do your job. Well today she ‘missed.’ She kept referring to my veins as ‘she.’ After she missed she commented: “Oh she must have moved” and “she is not very big today.” Then she went on to talk about how all of our veins are smaller right now because of the heat and dehydration. After she missed, I let her feel around on my other arm and of course there was nothing there.

Finally, I suggested that she go back to the other arm and the vein that always works. She went at it with a smaller needle and it was fine. I don’t like the band aids because they eat my skin so she made me sit there and hold it for like 2 minutes. If the lab had been busier I would have been able to escape sooner!


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