We are still on vacation so this will will be a short post.

We went to the hotel restaurant yesterday, Rockamoles, and it sucked so we went off in search of somewhere else. Anyway, the Settlers Pub was good except for the clientele. There was a straight couple on a first date. He never shut up the whole time. We will call this couple #1. Couple #2 came in a little later and, according to Deb, they continually stared at us until their beer arrived. I didn’t notice but that is not a big surprise as I don’t usually see that kind of thing. Then there was couple #3. They awhile after us. They began holding hands intensely, staring at each other and using their combined 4 hands. Then they started to kiss. Then they started to almost make out in the middle of the restaurant! After a bit, the guy from couple #1 got up to go to the bathroom and there was this large silence and then couple #3 started to laugh with the woman from couple #1 about him. That was how I found out it was their first date.

What really pissed me off was the overt PDAs (public display of affection). It would be ok if they were a little more discreet. What really gets me though is that if Deb and I were to do that our personal safety could be at risk. I hope that one day we live in a world where a same-sex couple can hold hands in public somewhere other than the Davie Village.

One thought on “Good Day

  1. I tried to hold Chris’s hand on the short walk from the pub to the hotel. She was too nervous, and it totally pisses me off….not at Chris, of course, but at a society that says it’s okay to basically go down on your date on a restaurant table as long as your date is of the opposite sex. I love my partner, why can I not safely hold her hand in public without worry of bodily harm?

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