All week we have been hearing about sockeye salmon. Besides the fact that the ‘officials’ cannot count, by all reports this is the biggest sockeye run in over a century. Anyway, we decided to have salmon on the barbecue. Today on our local CBC lunch show, BC Almanac, had a chef on today who was giving advice on cooking salmon. I called in and actually got on. I asked how to cook a salmon on a plank. Both the guest and the host went on about how they wanted to come for dinner. I reverted to my usual way of cooking salmon in tin foil. I did take his advice about using salt to season. I also added some butter because everything is better with butter! It took only 20 minutes on our awesome propane barbecue. I thought it would take longer so I am glad I checked as overcooked salmon sucks. Deb made roasted veggies: corn, carrots, zucchini, onions, potatoes etc. She also made acorn squash with butter and brown sugar. Everything was so good!

Little dogs have this skill, innate ability to concentrate all of their weight on one paw and stand on you. How do they do this?

Sawyer has been embracing his inner puppy lately. For most of his puppyhood it was like he wasn’t even a puppy. Every once in a while he would do some puppy like thing to remind us all that he is, after all, a puppy. Lately though it is like he is a puppy on steroids and nothing is safe. Seriously, nothing is safe. The other day I hear him chewing something. I get up to investigate and discover that he was chewing a phone. He took it off the table. Nothing is safe. We can’t leave anything on the table or he will take it and chew it. He seems to have gained some length as he can now stretch himself up to get things. I hope this does not last for long!


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