The beautiful iPad

I read an article in the September issue of Macworld (another good article here). The article had several people discuss how the iPad had changed their lives. Like me, many of them could not see a use for the iPad, that is until they had one. At first pass if you have an iMac, a laptop and an iPhone what on earth could you do with an iPad that you can’t already do with those other devices. I also wondered how I would fit the iPad into my day when I was already using so many other devices. Within a month the iPad has become completely ensconced in my life – I don’t leave home without it.

First off I use the iPad as my calendar. It has an awesome, almost beautiful interface. In landscape mode it looks like a typical agenda. With push notifications turned on, anything I enter into my iPad is quickly synced to my computers. I find that I use it first thing in the morning to check my email. Sometimes I get emails that I need to act on or that my impact my day. Having access to them as soon as I get up is great. I could have used the iPhone for this but the battery drains so quickly I would be constantly charging it. The iPad, on the other hand, has a great battery that lasts for a long time.

To me, the iPad shines as a media delivery tool. Creating media is definitely not its strong point. I have been reading the blogs to which I subscribe. I am not much of commenter so reading them on the iPad works really well for me. It has taken me a while to find a reader that I like. Some of them emulate google reader. One, Reeder, uses stacks and takes advantage the pinch in and out features of the iPad.

Whenever we go away I take my laptop. The next time we go somewhere I don’t think I will need it. As long as there is wireless internet at the hotel there is no reason. If we were staying in a place where the internet was wired I would need the laptop and my extra router to set up a network. Even though I had my laptop with me last weekend and set up, I still blogged on the iPad. This was a surprise to me.

I love reading books on it too! The nice thing is that you don’t need a light on. The iPad may settle many marriage bed battles when one wants to go to sleep and the other wants to read. You can adjust the font and the point size. You can also make the background sepia. You can also download other readers so you are not stuck with Apple’s iBooks. I have the Kindle reader which I like too. It is great to be able to carry books with you to read especially when you are stuck waiting.

The great thing about the iPad is its portability. It seems to go everywhere with me. I now play Qrank every morning in the bathroom after checking my email.

My favourite thing about the iPad is the games. I have been completely addicted to Plants vs Zombies. I have also spread the addiction. There are also iPad versions of perennial favourites such as Civilization and SimCity. The iPad versions don’t really offer anything more than the computer versions that I have seen. It seems to me that games designed for the iPad are the best.

In a very short amount of time the iPad has completely taken over my life. It goes with me everywhere I go. I take it to work and to other places where I might have to wait. For me, the iPad is primarily a media consumption tool. I don’t think I would use it for anything much more intense than replying to an email or writing the odd blog. I do think that the iPad is the beginning of computers being so portable and accessible that they will change our lives. It is an exciting time indeed.

Do you have an iPad? If so how is it fitting into your life? If you are into it I would love to have more people to play Qrank with everyday! You can play on an iPhone, iPad or through facebook! Let me know if you want to play!


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