I am still feeling crappy today. I am sure it will pass, it is my colitis acting up. In other news, I suspect my new obsession in life will be seeing how much water is in our ponds.

It’s a Miracle

For the first time since we have lived here there is no water in the crawl space under our house. It was also quite easy to fix – if you are an engineer! Currently there is a trench dug to a pond. Then another trench goes to a pond in the back and a third trench goes to the very back of the property. The idea is that the water flows from the front to the back. When all is said and done there will only be water at the very back of our ½ acre property.

The next steps are to lay pipe and fill everything in with gravel. It is possible that we may not even have mud this winter but I am not sure of that yet. My hope is that the septic water will not stagnate and smell for the next 7 months. Plus the septic system was not able to adequately drain especially in the rain. The smell had come back with the recent rain and I am certainly not smelling it now.

Our contractor was also able to tell us that while there was a lot of water under the house it did not look like it was touching the wood. This, indeed, is very, very good news! This work will make our property so much more enjoyable for us and the dogs. We will try to get some pictures. Worth every penny!

On another note – I felt horrible today. I have been dizzy and I have the chills. I am sure it is colitis symptoms and I hope I will be better by tomorrow. I hate it when this freaking disease gets in the way of my life and responsibilities.

Update for the Swamp – the Pond Edition

Today our drainage work started. It has been a long time coming. When we bought the house we knew that there was water in the crawl space under the house. What we didn’t know was that the place was a swamp. We bought the house after about 3 months of sun. It had been very dry so what we saw was a lovely carpet of green grass and everything was nice. The crawl space was mostly dry but you could see that there was mud. The housing inspector told us that we would have to address the drainage issues. Our neighbour, two houses over, has a similar property to ours with large built up homes on either side and had similar drainage issues. He has effectively drained his yard. He is an engineer so he really had a good plan. Apparently as soon as they dug the pond for the front and dug a path for the water to flow the pond filled up completely. There is another pond in the backyard which will drain further to the back. So now we will have a property with 2 water features!

In other news, Wally Oppal has been appointed to head an inquiry into the Missing Women crimes. There have been many naysayers about his appointment but I could not be happier. I think Wally Oppal has distinguished himself as both a judge and a cabinet minister. I never get the sense that he is trying to feed people propaganda when he is interviewed. Perhaps if the provincial government had consulted Aboriginal and Womens’ groups there could have been a different choice or consensus on Oppal. I do think he will do an excellent job at getting to the core issues that led to so many women went missing on the Downtown East Side. Hopefully, this will lead to real and substantial change.

The dogs are good. I have been reveling in how cute they are. Sawyer with his big ears, Zoe getting the fuzzies, Piper’s big eyes and gorgeous face, and Madison’s beauty. Maddie is becoming more and more beautiful the older she gets. I love the feeling I get when we are all snuggled together in bed. Everyone is so quiet, peaceful and contented.

So far the new TV season has been a bust. Tonight we are watching ‘No Ordinary Family,’ wish us luck! Woo hoo! 10 minutes in and it doesn’t suck!!

Drainage Work

So our drainage work is starting tomorrow. Apparently the excavation will begin at 7:30 am. I sure hope I can sleep through it. The hope is that moving water to two ponds (which will be created) will move water out of the septic field and from under the house. The drainage has been an issue since we moved into this house.

We are hoping that this will solve our perennial issues of the septic filling up with water. The last couple of years we have had to have it pumped out 2-3 times and it is mostly just full of water. Hopefully the work will get done quickly!

Dispatches from the Swamp – the I am exhausted edition

I had a 2-day work thing over Friday evening and all day Saturday. It has exhausted me. I slept until noon and then I fell asleep in my chair. I guess Monday’s blood tests will tell me what is going on.

Molly’s cough is virtually gone. She is only coughing occasionally. No more than she normally does. This makes us all very happy. It is hard to watch an ancient dog cough all the time.

Bella also seems to be doing better. She goes for a re-check in a couple of weeks to make sure the medication is at the right level. Hopefully she gains back some of her muscle mass and weight. She did not have a UTI or crystals in her urine. If I have already blogged about this see above.

Dexter is on in 15 minutes. Gotta run!

A blog about not very much

Hmm, some days it is hard to find a topic to write about. There is not much news from the swamp except to say that it is very swampy. I hope the rain lays off so we can get our drainage work done. Deb and I were able to carpool today. We both needed to see the doctor so that all worked out very well. On the way home today it felt like winter, the rain and the dreary sky was a little overwhelming. I am ok with it in November but September should still be nice!

Why I love Autumn!

  • It is cooler. It can still be sunny but it is not really hot.
  • I sleep way better at night. We can turn of the A/C and sleep with our bedroom door open. Our room is on the second floor so it does get really hot in the summer.
  • I like the crispness in the air. Things seem cleaner.
  • I love watching the plants all change colour. Living out in the country has many advantages – I watch the trees change. There are some especially brilliant colours out here on the wet coast.
  • I actually like the feeling of wearing socks and shoes.
  • My wardrobe expands. I have many more clothes for cooler weather.
  • I like having the fireplace in our dining room going. It helps keep things drier in the house.
  • The dogs are much happier. We have much less panting going on.
  • The beginning of Autumn means that Thanksgiving, which is one of my favourite holidays, is coming up soon.
  • The only bad thing I can think of is that Christmas is coming.

Dispatches from the Swamp – ‘the give the dog narcotics’ edition

So I was off in search of statistics to buttress my pro-long gun registry position. I remember reading somewhere that of the women killed in domestic violence a high percentage of them had been killed by long guns. I found this lovely quote*: “She said access to guns is one of the top risk factors is spousal murders and 88 per cent of Canadian women are killed with a shotgun or rifle.” Clearly 88% of Canadian women are not killed with a long gun. But I digress. I am confident that weapons in a domestic violence situation spells disaster for the woman. I believe that the registry is important to not only protect women but also first responders whether they be police, fire or paramedics. These people need to know what kind of situation awaits them. I think politicians have a responsibility to make prevent disaster if they can. In typical, histrionic fashion the Harper Conservatives are making this a wedge issue. As it stands now I believe there are 2 or 3 votes in favour of keeping the registry. If it is kept it is clear that politicians will need to address its flaws and streamline registration so that it is not onerous on the part of law-abiding citizens to register their guns.

Watching DWTS this season I need to know what Jennifer Grey did to her face? Seriously? WTF? She looks nothing like her former self in Dirty Dancing.

Well the first new series has been eliminated from our DVR recordings. Mike and Molly was so completely offensive that it lasted a grand total of 3 minutes. This was too bad because I really like the actor who was playing Molly. I liked her when she was Suki in the Gilmore Girls too. This is the first time I have watched a sitcom since Roseanne. Clearly there has not been any improvement.

Me to A when she got home: “Please give Molly the narcotic cough medicine cause I can’t take it anymore.”

*Here is the link