There are days when it is just not worth it to get out of bed. I didn’t have to get up particularly early (well, let’s clarify, 10 am is early for me but not the rest of the world, chronic disease with fatigue and a low hemoglobin count will do that to you). Anyway, I woke up to the alarm and I was a bit stunned. I had not been getting a lot of sleep this week because Sawyer has been far too energetic at night. He likes to burrow under the duvet which is fine except when he won’t settle because the he walks on my, jumps down, needs help to get back up and under the duvet – you get the picture. Anyway it took me a while to wake up enough to turn off the alarm.

I had my shower and kind of took too long. I ended up leaving late for my doctor’s appointment. Got suck in traffic and was 10 minutes late. No worries though she was running behind. I had an ok appointment. I asked her what would cause my hemoglobin to drop 10 points in a week. She said most likely it was a GI bleed. Which of course indicates that my ulcerative colitis is not really getting better at all. Major suckage.

After my appointment I stupidly decided to go to Staples 5 days before kids go back to school. I had to stalk a woman to her car to get a spot. The Staples on Kingsway is bizarre. It is 2 levels and things are very hard to find. While I was there I had a severe pain attack that almost made me double over. I had to stand there and breathe through it. After the pain attack, I was walking toward the cashier and wondered why my shirt was so tight against my neck. I looked down, as I was thinking that I didn’t put it on backwards, only to discover that, of course, I had put it on backward. I really wanted to go back to bed at that point.

I am home now after traffic from hell on the highway. I am working at home tomorrow and then off for 2 weeks. I plan to rest and play Plants vs Zombies. I have noticed that I no longer dread waiting for my doctor who is perpetually behind. I just play with my iPad, reading blogs, books or playing games. I love technology!


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