Piper tilts her head in response to certain tones of voice

Piper is one of the greatest dogs I have ever known. We got Piper in January of 2006 when she was about 12 weeks old. We got her from a great breeder and she is one of the only dogs we have who is not rescued. We wanted a healthy puppy. Piper was a great puppy and turned into a fabulous dog. Toilet training took a long, long, long time. Pugs are known for their stubbornness and for Pipes it played it in her toilet training. She spent a long time in toilet training boot camp.*

Pugs are bred for companionship. They are fiercely loyal dogs. Piper is a good example of her breed. She wants to be with me or close to me almost all of the time. She follows me to the bathroom, she sits against my leg when I am on the computer and she sleeps against my legs all night.

Piper in the typical 'pug slouch'

She is also very comical. Dogs are usually known for their senses of smell. Piper has amazing vision. She goes crazy if a dog comes on to the television even if they don’t make any noise. She can see them and she goes nuts. She barks and jumps at the television and runs around the room. When the screen saver on the Apple TV comes on she sees the pictures of the dogs displayed. She barks at them too. It is too funny!

Piper waiting for the ball to be thrown so she can grab Sienna's tail

Piper also her own brand of weirdness. She is completely obsessed with other dogs’ asses. If you try to pick someone up she grabs at their tails. When the big dogs chase balls she gets her exercise by chasing their tails and jumping at their butts. She also has a bit of an aggression problem. If there are 2 dogs starting to get it on she will almost always be the 3rd dog in.** I am not really sure if she is trying to police the other dogs or she really wants to get involved. The real downside is that once she starts to b aggressive it is really hard to get her to stop.

So cute!

Piper has several nicknames. Off the top of my head: Piper the Punk, Pug Thug, Pug-a-lug, Lug of Pug and Slug Pug. I am sure there are more and Deb will add them! Piper carries herself like a thug. She walks like she has a purpose to take someone out. She struts like crazy when she has a toy in her mouth. She is a very proud little dog!

Piper smiling

Piper does need almost daily hygiene maintenance. She has a very deep wrinkle that gets full of bacteria and other grossness.*** Deb usually cleans it out with baby wipes. Sometimes we have to use hibitane soap to kill the bacteria. Apparently this is a common problem with pugs.

We got Piper because I have always wanted one. We met this most amazing pug when we lived in Calgary named Smudge. She would dive for rocks and her favourite thing to do was to go around and bite the puffy heads off of dandelions once they turned. It was hysterical watching her do this. It was Smudge who solidified my love of all things pug. Piper has certainly not disappointed.

Piper is my heart dog. She is one of the best dogs I have ever known. Like lots of pugs, she snores all night. I find it oddly comforting feeling her snore against my leg all night. Piper will be 5 at the end of October 2010. I love you baby girl!

*Toilet Training Boot Camp – Is the Chris method. Too long to type out here but if you want more info let me know.
**Or the 3rd asshole in as I like to call it.
***AKA ‘funk in the Punk.’


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