• Deb and I went to Costco yesterday to satisfy my need to lay in supplies. I think it might be a ‘winter is looming’ kind of thing but for some reason I need to have lots and lots of toilet paper in the house. When we get below 15 rolls I start to have a little panic. This is exacerbated by the fact that the last time I went to Costco they did not have the brand of toilet paper we use. We stick to this brand because we know it does not clog up the septic system we are slaves to here in the boonies. Suffice it to say I think we have at least 50 rolls of toilet paper in this house at the moment. Ask me if I am happy?
  • Piper is the laziest dog around. Getting her out of be in the morning is like trying to wake the dead. She always stays in bed with whoever is getting up later. This morning I didn’t wake up until 12:30 pm (I was up late being sick for some bizarre reason). Piper was still sawing logs hard when I went into the shower. I came out and got dressed and she is still snoring away. This dog has now gone over 12 hours without peeing. What is up with that? As I started to seriously wake the pug, I moved her a little and up pops Sawyer’s head. He had been down to pee but then wanted to come back to bed with me. He had been sleeping hard too! He is going to be just like the pug and not want to get up in the morning. I would hate to see how they would react if we had to actually get up, you know, in the morning!
  • The CAT went to the vet today. Surprisingly, she was very, very good! She didn’t even growl once at the vet. She always mats so badly at the end of summer. I had her mat free yesterday and we get there today and she has 3 new ones. I managed to get those out with a flea comb. Bella may have a hyper-thyroid, they are testing for UTI and crystals as well. We had to leave her there so they could get a urine sample from her.
  • Speaking of the vet we got on the topic of fleas. Now this vet is completely against feeding raw. At the beginning she was quite adamant that the dogs were missing nutrients blah, blah, blah oh and the ‘you are all going to die of salmonella’ argument we hear all the time that makes me crazy. She was checking for fleas and I said I don’t think she has fleas. This led into a more general conversation about fleas and I told her we had not seen a flea on a dog of ours since January of 2007 after we re-homed the stray cat the previous owners abandoned. She could not believe it. I told her it was the raw food and that they are just more healthy and able to shuck the fleas. You can’t argue with success.
  • My mother has gone a senior’s bus trip for the next month or so. This is great for me! Every since my father was diagnosed with cancer in 2002 I have phoned every single day. I took a little break when we went away for 3 days in August but that was the only time. Phoning her every day gets to be a little tiresome. I hear the same things day in and day out. I will very much enjoy this break.

2 thoughts on “Dispatches from the Swamp – the Lazy Dog Edition

  1. oooh this blog is oh so spooky for me.I have the need to “nest” and feel secure on a regular basis. I measure my security by the number of toilet rolls that I have stored in the house. I also have been calling my Mother every day since 2002, when I came to Canada

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