So I was off in search of statistics to buttress my pro-long gun registry position. I remember reading somewhere that of the women killed in domestic violence a high percentage of them had been killed by long guns. I found this lovely quote*: “She said access to guns is one of the top risk factors is spousal murders and 88 per cent of Canadian women are killed with a shotgun or rifle.” Clearly 88% of Canadian women are not killed with a long gun. But I digress. I am confident that weapons in a domestic violence situation spells disaster for the woman. I believe that the registry is important to not only protect women but also first responders whether they be police, fire or paramedics. These people need to know what kind of situation awaits them. I think politicians have a responsibility to make prevent disaster if they can. In typical, histrionic fashion the Harper Conservatives are making this a wedge issue. As it stands now I believe there are 2 or 3 votes in favour of keeping the registry. If it is kept it is clear that politicians will need to address its flaws and streamline registration so that it is not onerous on the part of law-abiding citizens to register their guns.

Watching DWTS this season I need to know what Jennifer Grey did to her face? Seriously? WTF? She looks nothing like her former self in Dirty Dancing.

Well the first new series has been eliminated from our DVR recordings. Mike and Molly was so completely offensive that it lasted a grand total of 3 minutes. This was too bad because I really like the actor who was playing Molly. I liked her when she was Suki in the Gilmore Girls too. This is the first time I have watched a sitcom since Roseanne. Clearly there has not been any improvement.

Me to A when she got home: “Please give Molly the narcotic cough medicine cause I can’t take it anymore.”

*Here is the link


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