• It is cooler. It can still be sunny but it is not really hot.
  • I sleep way better at night. We can turn of the A/C and sleep with our bedroom door open. Our room is on the second floor so it does get really hot in the summer.
  • I like the crispness in the air. Things seem cleaner.
  • I love watching the plants all change colour. Living out in the country has many advantages – I watch the trees change. There are some especially brilliant colours out here on the wet coast.
  • I actually like the feeling of wearing socks and shoes.
  • My wardrobe expands. I have many more clothes for cooler weather.
  • I like having the fireplace in our dining room going. It helps keep things drier in the house.
  • The dogs are much happier. We have much less panting going on.
  • The beginning of Autumn means that Thanksgiving, which is one of my favourite holidays, is coming up soon.
  • The only bad thing I can think of is that Christmas is coming.

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