So, apparently the federal government did not have thousands of complaints about the long form census. There was one. Yes, that is correct, one person complained about the intrusion and the mandatory nature of the long-form census. In the new world reality of a Conservative minority government one person can change long-standing policy. Never mind that all of the professional statisticians said it was bad policy to get rid of it. I wonder how compelling the argument must have been to get the government to act.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could apply this process to other things? Thousands of Canadians have complained about the detention of the Tamil refugees. Yet last time I checked all but one of them are still being detained. So clearly the policy of one does not work there. What about issues of progressive social programs? There have been lots of complaints and protests yet nothing changes? Where is our national daycare program or our national pharmacare program? Has child poverty been eliminated? Nope, nope and nope. So clearly the policy of one only works in some cases.

I am now wondering who the person was who complained about the long form census. Perhaps it was the chair of some big corporate donor to the Conservative party. Maybe he (or she but somehow I doubt it) threatened to pull funding. I cannot help but be cynical about the Conservative party. Stephen Harper and the Conservative party are not going to do something unless they are going to gain from it. They really don’t have any ideology planks that would make them do something for the greater good. They are a business focused party on the economy and willing to sacrifice everything to ensure business makes money. I am pretty sure if the complainant had been a farmer from Saskatchewan we would still have the long form census.


One thought on “One Person

  1. I’m sure that one person complaining was completely incidental to the decision made by Harper to go against the advice of Stats Canada, every statistician known to humanity, hundreds of organizations (from all political stripes) and more. Harper doesn’t want anything to do with science, facts or information getting in the way of him doing whatever the hell he wants to do, plain and simple. If there’s no quality data because there’s no mandatory long census form, then there’s no “proof” that his policies have screwed things up!

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