Dogs are hedonists in general. Pugs, as a breed, take this to new heights. I have never seen a dog sleep like she does. It does not matter how late either one of us sleeps she stays in bed. I have seen her sleep as late as 3 pm. All of this is fine because she has good bladder control. What I find really hilarious is that if I disturb her while I am getting dressed she will give me a ‘look’ and move to the other side of the bed. Oh and she snores.

Our drainage work has stalled because they needed to bore a hole for a drainage pipe through the foundation. Apparently we have an excellent foundation that goes quite deep. Our contractor thought that he would be able to dig under the foundation for the pipe but not so. At least we know we have a great foundation for sure. The house inspector had told us the foundation was fine. I can’t wait for next summer when our yard will be useable.

Hopefully we are going to pull the house back together after the painting. The downstairs looks great. We love the red in the living room. Once things are back together I will post pictures. The green in the dining room is also great. Thanks again to L for doing all the painting.

I am off now for 4 days. This makes me very happy!


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