Almost every time I go to Bosley’s in Maple Ridge I am annoyed and sometimes downright pissed off. It is not the store nor the employees. It is the customers. More often than not there is some asshole in there with a dog asking for things to ‘fix’ problems with their dogs. One time it was a man with a Bichon who had allergies. Instead of trying to fix the problems with diet or medication this man’s solution was to muzzle his dog. My first dog had allergy issues, among others and I trained her not to chew on herself. Was it easy? No. Can it be done? Yes. This was long before I knew anything about feeding raw as a way to deal with allergies. Whenever Tippy would start I would correct her. If it didn’t stop I would cover the spot and she would stop. Today was worse though. There was a young guy in their with a big monster truck outside and he had his Newfoundland puppy on a choke chain. He was going to buy a new collar. Then he decided he wanted to buy a harness because he has him on a chain at work. Now seriously, we have a Newfoundland, he can barely summon the energy to get out of the way, I can’t imagine having to chain him! Why can’t he train him to behave and to stay put. I hate it when people take the easy way out with their dogs.

When Molly was at the vet’s we were able to read her tattoo. I traced her tattoo and we found out that it was done in 2000. Most tattoos are done when the animal is spayed or neutered. If Molly was spayed at the usual 6 months to a year she may be as young as 11. When she first came into SAINTS she was pegged at about 18 because of the state of her teeth. She had to have them all pulled at that time. It matters to me that she may be younger. We have lost 4 dogs in about a year so having one less dog in the super-senior range is GOOD!

Little dogs and rain do not mix. We have a herd of little dogs. Getting these dogs out to pee is like herding cats. They will do anything to avoid going out in the rain. Zoe becomes a dead weight and you have to go and pick her up. Sawyer will only pee if you stand there and watch him so he knows he can come right back in. If Piper goes out on the deck she won’t get off unless you force her to. Piper also takes a long, long time to pee so she does get wet. Big dogs don’t care. I don’t even think Kiefer notices. Madison is likely to go and lay in the mud. Don’t even get me started on what happens when it snows!

Today brought a new meaning to fatigue. I did not think I was all that tired this week. I was still fighting off the cold and my hemoglobin was low so I knew I was tired but not that tired. I slept today until 1:53 pm. It was absolutely ridiculous. Especially given the fact that there were a number of errands I was responsible for today. I needed to get the turkey from Hopcott’s, go grocery shopping for Thanksgiving dinner and then to Bosley’s for pine shavings, and other stuff. I also felt like I had let A down as she was going to go with me. When I came downstairs and found out she was not up yet I did not feel so bad! We managed to get it all done in 90 minutes – this is the beauty of living in a small town where stores are close together and the traffic is not so bad. There is no way  one could have ever gotten this much done in 90 minutes in Vancouver.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, here is a picture of Kiefer, our Newfoundland, as a lap dog:


Kiefer as a lap dog




2 thoughts on “Dispatches from the Swamp – the unchain the dogs edition

  1. Dogs and rain – none of mine like to go out in it, regardless of size, but the worst offender is the smallest one. The only way to get her off the deck in the rain is on a leash.
    Re Molly – now that you have the tattoo number, perhaps you can contact the clinic who tattoo’d her to find out how old she was when spayed? She may have been used for breeding or had a couple of owners prior to her spay…but it would sure be nice for you if she is younger than first thought!

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