I went to the doctor today. I am very, very grateful to have an awesome doctor who takes very good care of me. I have to say that I am so tired of waiting long past my appointment time. Take today for example, I had an 11:30 am appointment. I got in at 12:40. I was done in 10 minutes. I got my prescription filled and was in the car at 1:00 pm. I just don’t get why it always takes so long.

Driving pet peeve today. Why when there are only 2 lanes do 2 cars drive side-by-side? This happens on the Mary Hill Bypass all the freaking time. It makes me mental. I don’t understand why drivers do this. I can’t stand driving beside someone for any length of time. Don’t people realize what the left-hand lane is for?

The other morning, Piper woke up while I was getting dressed. She rolled over for a belly rub which I gave her. Then she gives me this look as though I have pissed in her corn flakes, she goes to the other side of the bed, turns around 3 times and resumes snoring. You gotta love dogs!

My mother, who has emphysema, has started smoking again. I asked her why she started again and she said she thought it would relax her and comfort her. I asked her if it did what she hoped it would and she said no. I have suggested she go back and see her counsellor as smoking is not really a viable long-term alternative for her. She was able to be smoke free for the month she was on her bus trip. I think she is lonely and does not know what to do. Clearly she is not meeting her own basic needs. I hope a counsellor can help her figure it out what she needs to do so that she is able to find some peace.


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