When I was talking to my mother last night about her smoking some cigarettes again I had asked her some really pertinent questions. She stated that she thought it would give her comfort, relax her and make her feel better. Of course, the cigarettes did none of these things for her. So we began to talk about other things that give her comfort. Then she said that my sister suggested she go on a cruise. I then said that I would love to go on a cruise. Here is the transcription of the conversation after:

(my mother’s questions were delivered in rapid-fire)
Mom: You would go on a cruise?
Me: Yes, I have always wanted to go on a cruise.
Mom: Where do you want to go?
Me: I would love to go to Alaska.
Mom: Do you want to go through the Panama Canal?
Me: I will have to see how much this would cost.
Mom: I will pay. When do you want to go? June is best for Alaska.

She then wanted to hang up. No doubt she is planning our cruise as we speak.


One thought on “Conversation with my Mother…

  1. Just came back from 16 nt.Panama Canal cruise with Celebrity Cr. Line. Magical best describes it.The heat and humidity could possibly get to you.Marilyn

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