Oh my god! My mother is freaking out because Calgary has elected a Muslim mayor, Naheed Nenshi! When we talked him she did not really know anything about his platform. Her main concerns were that he was Muslim and not married. She went on to say that he got everyone in NE Calgary (code for visible minorities) to vote for him. She also blamed students because he used social media. My mother and I spar a lot over politics mostly she pushes my buttons and I correct her racist language.

Our drainage work is back on. They are laying the drain pipes, filling it in with gravel and putting the dirt back on top. I am really looking forward to it all being done. I hope we have a better winter. It already is less damp in the old part of the house.

I had a major grant application to finish this week. I really don’t know why I don’t just do it all early rather than working steadily and getting it done. Oh well, perhaps it is just human nature. I finished it today and will send it in tomorrow. There is always another grant application to try to not procrastinate.

We are a little worried about the dogs being left alone 3 days a week for several hours. They have been very spoiled for the last couple of years as they were rarely alone. Madison is our real concern as she is getting increasingly anxious because of her dementia. She gets upset when gates are closed and tries to destroy them so we have to leave them all open. So far, so good.


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