I love my morning shower. Actually we both love our morning showers! A really good shower sets the tone for the day for me. We have always bought nice shower stuff. Lately though we have been buying lots of stuff from the Body Shop. Their new shampoos and conditioners are awesome. I love their Satsuma line of products from the body wash to the body butter. I really enjoy the different natural scents that come from good products.

Now on to the ridiculous. I cannot believe that Randy and Evi Quaid have claimed refugee status in Canada. Apparently they fear for their safety from the Hollywood ‘star whackers.’ Personally, I think they need a good psychiatrist instead of a lawyer.


2 thoughts on “Dispatches from the Swamp – The I don’t believe it edition

  1. I personallt prefer a good soak in a hot bath, but I guess that is my english custom. We did not get showers instaled in our houses until the 80’s. As for the new refugee claimants, well it says it all really, gives true refugee claimants a bad name

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