To the Asshole who cut me off this morning:

Perhaps you were not paying attention. Maybe you were talking on your phone or maybe you just shouldn’t have a license. Turning right in front of someone doing 70 or 80 km/h is not ok. Then, to add insult to injury, you went 20 km/h under the speed limit! Am trying so hard not to road rage. I spend far too much time on the road to participate in too much road rage. It is also far too hard on my anxiety levels when I let road rage take over me. You did not help today. Luckily the lab was not busy when I got there and that made me happier.

Seriously though, take this as a PSA: Try and gauge the speed that the car you want to turn in front of is going before you pull in front. This way you will not cause an accident that will be deemed someone else’s fault or cause them to have insane road rage at your stupidity!

NB: not that any of my loyal readers (who sometimes number in the triple digits if you can believe it) would ever do something like that!

One thought on “PSA: YOU are the Cause of Accidents!!!

  1. I drive heavy truck (as in 18 wheels, 39,500kg, 22m long), and these idiots do this in front of me all the time.
    Like, yeah, who do you think would win that one if I were just a shade less alert at that particular moment? Gods Above and Below…

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