Molly, the Pilates Queen, has started to cough again. This is not a good thing. It is hard on her physically and it is crazy making for us. Luckily we still have some of the prescription cough medicine for her.  Hopefully, if we get right on it we can nip it in the bud.

Piper continues to amaze me as she matures. She is 5 this year and she is such a solid dog. Her toilet training is solid. She is loyal and affectionate without being needy. Many times in the day she will sit on the floor and sort of lean on my leg. It is very comforting.

We generate a lot of left overs here. I am not sure why we are incapable of cooking only what we need but it is a reality. The dogs love cooked food. In thinking about this, I realized that we share all of our food with the dogs so why can’t we they eat the leftovers? This Saturday, we decided to put everything together and cook it up. It was definitely a ‘dog’s breakfast.’ The dogs loved it. All we could hear was the slurping sounds as they sucked it up. Happy, happy dogs!

It would appear that my ulcerative colitis is starting to flare up. This is a very bad thing. I am hoping that it is just because of the stress of last week. I do see my GI in a couple of weeks. I can tell as I am having increased rumbling in my intestines and other issues that I won’t go into as it crosses into the “TMI” area.

Our drainage work is done. It seems good. We don’t seem to have so many ‘lakes’ in the yard. Once the grass grows it should be back. I am going to do some research and see if there is some kind of local grasses we can seed that will be durable in the winter with all the rain.

One thought on “Dispatches from the Swamp – the Zero Food Waste Edition

  1. sorry to hear about the colitus !!!
    The sound of the dogs sucking it up is blissful. Nothing better than seeing and hearing a dog enjoyng food !!!

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