New Shows

1.     The Event – I am loving this show. I really like Laura Innes and she is fabulous in this show. I am not really buying into the alien conspiracy theory stuff although it is interesting.

2.     Law and Order: Los Angeles – I didn’t really like the first episode but it has certainly become a great show. I love Skeet Ulrich and he is great in LOLA. I am also struck by the difference between New York and Los Angeles. LA seems just a little crazier.

3.     No Ordinary Family – while the premise of this show is questionable I am quite enjoying it for the most part.


Returning Shows

1.     Dancing with the Stars – I was a late adopter of this show but I don’t miss an episode now!

2.     Dexter – What is there to say? I love, love, love this show!

3.     Law and Order SVU

4.     The Good Wife – I loved Juliana Margulies ER. This show is very subtle but oh so worth it.

5.     Undercover Boss – I am not sure what it is about this show but I love the concept. It is great to see average people being rewarded by corporate America.

6.     Survivor!!!

7.     Grey’s Anatomy – if they don’t sort Cristina out soon I may stop watching this show. They have also broken up the lesbian couple (again), which is extremely annoying. Although they do break up other couples too.

8.     Private Practice – we debate why we like this show. I still don’t know but I watch it I do.

9.     Criminal Minds – I have watched this from the beginning. I love Dr. Spencer Reid!

10. Desperate Housewives – I have loved this show from the beginning too. I do say think it is getting a little weird at times.

11. Brothers & Sisters – I wish Rob Lowe was still on though!

What about you? What are you watching? What do you think of my choices? Have at it in the comments!


2 thoughts on “TV Shows I Love

  1. Glee tops my list.
    My fave character is Kurt, love his voice – when he sang “Do you want to hold my hand” – sigh, so beautiful! A total Gleek.

    The Event, Lie to Me, Bones, Two-and-a-half men… Oh, yeah, I’ve just started watching The Walking Dead. Totally not something I’d usually watch, but hey I’m enjoying it!

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