• Yesterday afternoon our hot water tank started to leak. I called someone right away and they were able to get over here to fix it. Just under the wire, the plumber called the wholesaler and was able to get them to leave one outside for him. He picked it up, installed it and it leaked. So he started all over again today, same thing, picked it up, installed it and it leaked. Then back for tank number 3 – a different brand, and it worked. This all meant we did not have hot water all last evening and going in to today. I had to sponge bath in cold water and washed my hair in the sink with boiled water.
  • I also broke a tooth last night. In amongst trying to deal with the no hot water I was also trying to get a dental appointment for today. I got an appointment for 3 pm but then they called me back and asked me to come earlier. Seeing as they were getting me in on an emergency basis I accommodated them to the best of my ability. Upon arrival at the dentist office, I was told that it was not the filling falling out but rather the tooth that broke. It could not just be filled again. So we started crown prep. It all went ok, I am just horribly anxious at the dentist and I, stupidly, did not take anything to help me to calm me down. Instead, I put up with going to the bathroom every 20 minutes. They were great but it was still 2.5 hours in a dental chair.
  • The whole dentist thing is very complicated for me. I am phobic to say the least.  It stems from childhood dentist who looked like Vincent Price and would drill teeth that were not frozen. This cemented a life-long fear of dentists. My mother was not a big help in this department as her solution is to just all pulled like she did. My sister just had this done and my mother seems to think that this is some big life accomplishment. Personally, I would much rather go through my life with my teeth mostly intact. I have lost 4 molars on the top, 2 on each side, so I may consider a partial plate to take the stress off the teeth I have left.
  • All of the dogs are doing really well. Sawyer is such a smart, smart boy. He learns new things so quickly. In less than a couple of days he learned to stand up on command. Now we are working ‘mine and take it,’ a method to prevent dogs from snapping at treats. Sawyer picked it up in three rounds. As I said, he is a very smart dog!
  • A shout out to Lucy – who celebrated her 1st Happy Gotcha Day! Congrats to Lucy and the whole family. Dogs are such amazing members of the family who bring love and companionship.

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