• First, an update on Madison. She has gone from not weight-bearing on her right rear leg yesterday to going down the stairs by herself this morning. She is able to walk the length of the house now without stopping to lay down and rest on the way. To say that we are relieved would be an understatement. We lost 4 dogs last year and we are not ready to lose Madison. Besides, clearly Madison is not ready. Even when she was clearly in agony, she so desperately wanted to be with us that she would get up and try to come over.
  • Shihtzus have an amazing capacity to be singularly focused on what they want. Take Mabel, that dog once stood in front of the stove barking at a ham for over 90 minutes. Zoe has been staring at me for over an hour, without a break. She occasionally would paw my stomach, which was agony due to the cellulitis. I have to say that I really admire that level of perseverance. It seems to be a standard breed characteristic.
  • The best part of hiring staff is when you interview someone and you know, in the first 5 minutes that you have found the right person. What is even better is when the person you are interviewing with feels exactly the same way.

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