I worked at home today after sleeping until noon. I was able to finally get the grant I have been trying finish done. It has been a very hectic, eventful week. I did learn some interesting things that will definitely help me as I go forward. My stress level is finally going down.

I am going on a cruise with my mother to Alaska in June. I have always wanted to go on a cruise and she really can’t travel without assistance anymore. We have never spent this amount of time together. I am sure it will go well. She will be ok as I don’t go off the deep end like my sister does. Apparently, my sister, who is a saint right now in my mother’s view, has brought up all the Christmas decorations and bought her groceries. Maybe she is calmer now. Who knows?

I am hoping to play Civilization V all weekend. I have it downloaded on my main computer but I am still trying to get it on my laptop so I have it in the living room.

Clearly this blog entry is going nowhere. I will stop now.


One thought on “Happy Long Weekend – for Me!!!

  1. Recently I have been looking at hyperbaric Oxegen therapy(MS and bone infection) for myself.I am going to have 40 sessions. Have you looked into it for your conditions? VGH has an HBOT clinic. A referral from a Dr is required. Lots of Drs. do not have the background to know alternative therapies.MSP covers 12 sessions a year, if you have one of 15?condions. Private clinics are also available.Hope info helps. Marilyn.

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