Madison has been slowly deteriorating over the last couple of weeks. Slowly, her ability to get around was getting more and more limited. The other day I noticed that she had no control over her back leg. It was like she couldn’t get it to go where she wanted.

It was clear when we got up this morning that Madison was actively dying. We opted not to take her to vet clinic and just let it happen naturally at home, where she was comfortable and surrounded by those who loved her. Madison died at 1:15 pm this afternoon. I will write more but this is all I can manage now.


4 thoughts on “Madison

  1. oh chris and Deb, i know how terrible this is for you both. But what a great decision you have come to, just letting he go naturally. I know that if it takes too long, you will make the best choice for her.

  2. Oh Chris and Deb, I am so very, very sorry to read this. You’ve had so many losses this past year, of so many wonderful dogs. My heart goes out to you.

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