So, we now have 4 candidates in the race to replace Gordon Campbell. First up is Moira Stillwell. I have no idea who she is and/or what she represents. I could not seem to pull much up on her at all. Now we have, in order of declaration, George Abbott, Kevin Falcon and Mike de Jong. I have one word: barf. These three idiots have been loyal Campbell yes men for years. These guys have stood shoulder to shoulder with Gordon Campbell and all his loyal henchpeople while they systematically decimated social services and healthcare in BC.

These guys have been part of the brain trust that sold off BC Rail, cut services to people with disabilities and imposed the HST. None of these people are fit to lead a political party. If they have leadership qualities they certainly have not exercised them in a very, very long time. From all accounts, Campbell made all of the decisions. Now we have George Abbott launching a ‘listening’ campaign and Mike de Jong promising that all the decisions will no longer come out of the Premier’s office only. Oh, and Kevin Falcon, in his infinite wisdom, promises to lower the HST by 2%. If any of these now former cabinet ministers becomes leader it will be politics as usual.

Carole James is also facing some political heat and questions about her leadership. Long-time MLA, Jenny Kwan has asked for a leadership. She argues (correctly, in my opinion) that if James feels she has a mandate with the caucus then she should submit to a leadership review to gain a new mandate.  I have to say that in a recent speech that Carole James gave to the BC Federation of Labour she actually sounded like a leader.

BC is facing many problems. Political renewal for both the NDP and Liberals can only be a win for British Columbians. If the Liberals continue on with same people at the helm the opportunity for renewal will escape them. The NDP, on the other hand, are poised to unseat the Liberals in the next election if they actually look hard at issues of leadership. I do believe that Carole James is not the leader to take the NDP into the next election in 2013.

3 thoughts on “I love BC Politics!

  1. If any of Campbell’s toadies become leader of the Liberal Party, they can kiss the next election goodye.

    I like Carole James, I do think she has what it takes to be Premier.

    Jenny Kwan did not come across well last night. At the end of almost every sentence her voice rose as if she was unsure of what she was saying. It sounded like she was asking questions instead of stating opinions. She sounded very unsure of herself.

  2. Really, are ANY of the options for Liberal leadership going to be palatable? I mean, they have to be Liberals, right, so that kinda makes them ick in my books right there. 😛

    As for the NDP, I’m not sure if Carole has intentionally used the media to make Jenny look like an idiot, but the story has definitely become twisted around. I think you should read this before criticizing Jenny & the dozen or so other MLAs who are ‘against’ Carole:

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