So, some of you might be aware that I purchased some lovely Derby Swirl burgundy boots. When I tried them on they felt great. That feeling quickly went away as my right foot started to scream with pain. Even when I considered putting them on made my foot throb. The left boot fit perfectly. The problem is that I wear orthotics. The orthotics are thickest through the arch and the heel and they seemed to take up too much room on my right foot.

I began by having them stretched. I think Kintec stretched them 3 times to no avail. I bought a size bigger (thinking I would sell one pair on craigslist) and I still had the same problem. I sent the larger size right boot down to Fluevog to get stretched and it still didn’t work. I then sent the smaller size one down and they stretched it aggressively. When it came back it was much better but I still needed a couple of millimeters of space. I tried to remove the insole but could not. I took them to the local shoe guy and he said he would have to take them apart to get the insole out. I didn’t really like that idea.

Finally, I went back over to Kintec and asked what they could do with the orthotics. They were actually able to take the thick, cushy top off and instead they put a soft vinyl top on that only went as long as the actual plastic part of the orthotic. When I put the altered orthotic in, it was heaven! I have worn them all day without any discomfort whatsoever!

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