1.   If you are going to send your resume and cover letter as two separate documents, I will likely not read your cover letter. Why would I download 2 files?

2.   This one really should go without saying. If you don’t attach your resume your email should be really compelling or I won’t ask you to re-send.

3.   If you really want to make sure you don’t get short listed, send your resume to me more than once.

4.   Using the language in the job description and the ad is important. What employers put in these documents are the things we are looking at. Don’t send me a stock resume. Show me that you understand what we are looking for in applicants.

5.   Seriously, I don’t care about your hobbies. I do love to see volunteer work but not just the resume building kind.

6.   If you resume contains the word ‘epilation’ more than 7 times you probably should not be applying for an administrative position.

7.   Oh and if you tell me you have skookum computer skills but I can spot several word processing errors you are not going to get very far.


Stay-tuned for part 3 – the interview!


3 thoughts on “Dear Job Applicants – Part 2

  1. Interesting Chris, to know that you have all of the observations that I learnt on many ‘interview technique’ courses, many years ago. I have to say that for me though, my gut feeling about a candidate is also really important !!! But then I guess that was because I was always recruiting salespeople and sales managers, it could be a little different !!

  2. You know, I’ve always saved my cover letter and resume as different files. I’ve never really thought about it before – I guess I’ve done it that way because I was thinking that they are two separate documents. But I can see from your perspective as the one receiving the applications – why would you want to download two different files?

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