I totally would have blogged about Carole James resigning as leader of the BC NDP yesterday except other things needed to be said. I am glad that, if nothing else, she could at least see the writing on the wall. It seems to me that by blaming the so-called ‘dissidents’ instead of agreeing to a leadership review she sullied an otherwise good career. She may well have been able to get through a leadership review. However, all that being said, I am glad she is gone.

No matter what she did, Carole James always seemed to somehow miss the mark. The carbon tax is a good example. Instead of supporting it and appealing to environmentalists and other left-leaning people. However, she opposed the tax simply because Gordon Campbell and the Liberals supported it. This is a huge problem with ‘brokerage politics.’ As our political parties have moved away from policy based on ideology we end up in odd political situations as I described above.

Of all the parties, the NDP has always had the most ideologically driven policy. In BC everything is all screwed up, as the right-wing conservative party is actually the BC Liberals. Federally, the parties line up pretty well although there is very little difference between a conservative Liberal and a liberal Conservative. The Bloc Quebecois may be the exception here whose whole raison d’etre is to protect Quebec’s interests in the federation. By default they have had to adopt some other platform planks and in the minority parliament they have had much more power than they otherwise would have.

BC politics is always interesting. I am sure the next year will be very entertaining with both major political parties choosing new leaders. My only hope is that we end up with leaders who have vision and a plan.


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