• I had hoped that the drainage work would help with our stinky septic in the winter. My theory was that the water would move on out to the back of the property. It doesn’t seem to have worked that way. At least I have figured out why the entire house stinks. The furnace is in the laundry room which is very close to the septic. Air fresheners in the laundry room seemed to have solved the problem. Now, if anyone has any idea what to do with a stinky septic I would love to know!
  • Since Madison’s passing everyone has been doing really well. I have to say that having the dogs there when she died has meant that no one is wandering around, lost. We certainly saw this when Kirby passed away. The dogs are ok, the humans not so much.
  • My mother is making me mental already and we are not even there yet. She seems to think that us wrapping our Christmas presents there is going to cause us to not be with her for a lengthy period of time. Today she sent me the following in an email: “I understand you can put wrapped packages in the suitcases that go in the hold.  Do you agree?  I don’t have any wrapping paper but lots of the other stuff – bows, etc. Well of course, it turns out, that CATSA recommends that presents not be wrapped. I am sure the next volley will be interesting!
  • Since my last visit my gastroenterologist I am doing a bit better. Not great, but better. I would be able to handle all of this if it were not for the fatigue. The pain and everything else would be tolerable if I just wasn’t so freaking tired. I literally need to sleep 12 hours a night. It really gets in the way of what I want to do in life. Part of it is low hemoglobin and the other part is just the fatigue that goes with the disease.

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