• I meant to update everyone yesterday on how the ‘zero food waste’ plan was going at the Swamp. I have to say we are all impressed with the results. We are no longer throwing out any usable food. The dogs eat all the leftovers and they get 1 or 2 meals a week that way. Now, the guinea pigs are getting all the vegetable cuttings and peelings they can eat. The amount of garbage produced at the Swamp is down. Plus it is no longer nasty food waste garbage.
  • So, I am leaving the Swamp to go on a cruise with my mother. I am trying to keep a good attitude about this but I am pretty sure it will be hell. At least she booked us a large stateroom so we won’t be on top of each other. I do not relish sleeping in the same room with my mother. At least it is several months away so I am going to tr not to worry about it for now.
  • I love making Sunday dinner. We usually have some kind of roasted meat like chicken or beef. Today is beef and I am so looking forward to it. It smells amazing!



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