I had my big dental appointment yesterday. I had 2 root canals, 3 fillings and a crown preparation. It was done under oral sedation. I was quite skeptical about the sedation, as I have had various kinds over the years for oral surgery and colonoscopies. I really didn’t believe that they could achieve any real degree of sedation without an IV. I was so very, very wrong!

The dental office gave me 2 pills. One was a valium I was to take before bed and then 1 triazolam that I was to take an hour before my appointment at 8 am. Once I got there they gave me more triazolam, ground up and under my tongue. I remember getting one more dose. I was with it for the injections of novocain. The one on my top right was fine. The two doses I got on the bottom were hard as the dentist had to intercept the nerve in order to get any freezing. I think the next time I will ask that I be more out before the bottom injections.

I will no longer be afraid of going to the dentist. In fact, I cannot wait to schedule the work to get my bottom teeth done. I have always hated them since they were fixed with the wrong colour. I have hated those teeth for over 20 years but I was never willing to have anything done with them because they didn’t freeze. With the oral sedation, not freezing is now a thing of the past.

I urge anyone with a dental phobia to investigate the oral sedation route. I know that the West Coast Dental Group offers it and they have clinics all over the lower mainland. It does cost a bit more but when the choice is getting your teeth fixed or losing them the choice is pretty easy to make.


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