• Our electronic garbage can is now working again. I think it is possessed. It was working fine and then the batteries died (we think). We put new ones in and it didn’t work again for a couple of weeks. All of a sudden it started to work again for no apparent reason. Never a dull moment at the Swamp!
  • The last couple of days we have been having a lot of fun at work with words. We have been turning a Persian word, into an English word and making it a verb and a noun. The word is ‘tarouf’[1] and it describes a type of Persian politeness. It is more than politeness though. It can range from letting someone else go first to giving guests your house the very best even though you have nothing and probably have to go into debt to provide the food. It all started because we have a new contractor who happens to be Persian and he is very polite. One of the other Persian staff keeps telling him to ‘stop taroufing’ her. It has really been a fascinating cultural education learning about how different people interpret and practice the art of ‘tarouf.’ Apparently ‘tarouf’ can be used for good or evil. When it is used for evil basically people stab you in the back while ‘taroufing’ you.
  • Sawyer is so unmotivated when it comes to food. Unless he is hand-fed he really doesn’t like to eat. He does however like to stare at Molly while she eats which really annoys the hell out of her and she barks incessantly. When I am involved in feeding them I have now just started to hand fed the little brat.
  • This time next week we will be in Calgary for Christmas. I am really dreading this trip however I am pretty sure we can survive 3 days. My goal is to make it the best Christmas I can for my mother.

[1] I have spelled it phonetically. The emphasis is on the last syllable.

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