So cute!
  • I love my pug. She is absolutely hysterical. She is loyal, entertaining dn affectionate. She is also lazy. I am not talking about a little lazy. I am talking about ‘oh my god you have got to be kidding if you want me to move’ profound laziness. If she had her choice she would not get out of bed until the crack of 3 pm. The other day I cleaned her wrinkle and she promptly went back to sleep. When I was done getting dressed she still wouldn’t budge. It too several belly rubs and I finally had to slid her off the bed holding on to her harness. The problem is that she is so damn cute that I could not possible get mad at her!
  • There are several yard dogs on our street. These dogs are left outside 24/7/365. As I was going out to my car today in the cold, driving rain, all I could hear was them whining. These dogs have been out there since we arrived here 4 years ago. People who keep their dogs in this way should never be allowed to have dogs. Dogs are pack animals and we are their pack. Dogs who do not have the social outlet of the pack can at a very minimum lack socialization all the way to being both dog and human aggressive. It is these dogs, who when they escape their yard prisons, attack humans and dogs. In our society, dogs that bite don’t really get a fair shake. At least I know our dogs are warm and safe inside. They get upset if they are left out for 2 minutes too long – they desperately want to come back in and lay in front of the fireplace.

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