We are not even in Calgary and I am ready to kill her. She is trying to micromanage everything even down to what time we are going to get up. The latest screw up was about how we are getting from the airport to her house. Knowing that my sister feels completely overwhelmed in her life, I did not want to burden her with picking us up at the airport. I also did not want to have to sit in the back of her filthy Mercedes where the seatbelts don’t work. I had arranged for a friend to pick us up. My mother then started pushing that my sister picks us up. The day after I finally relented my mother discovered that, in fact, my sister did not want to pick her up. Apparently she has an unreliable trunk (whatever the hell that means!!).

She phoned me after 10 pm the other night suggesting that we rent a car 5 days before we are getting ready to go.  I told her there was no way we could get a car now and why would we need one for 3 days in Calgary. The bottom line was that my sister did not want nor did she ever want to pick us up. When I called my friend back his plans had changed so I phoned another friend who graciously agreed to pick us up.

I can only imagine how horrible the 3 days is going to be if she is this bad already. I will be breathing deeply a lot I am sure.

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